What I do - What I can do for you

I evaluate, plan and develop the experiences and expectations users have with all kinds of products and services.
Then I help my clients bring those products and services to market.
In my work as IA, UX and UE planner, I develop the right match for each client, business and challenge.

My tools, services and competences :

  1. Research
  2. Strategy
  3. Concept, planning and realization
  4. Implementation
  5. Coaching and training

  1. Research:
   Understanding users and consumers, your products, services and the market

  • Field research
  • Human factors analysis
  • Global user research
  • Cognitive Walkthroughs
  • Usability questionaires
  • User task modeling
  • Analysis of actions, processflow and workflow
  • User guided walkthrough
  • Heuristic testing
  • Usability testing

  2. Strategy:
   Defining a red thread based on your brand, products and services that will meet the expectation of your users

  • Heuristic evaluation
  • Business evaluation
  • Business case analyzing
  • Multi-channel and touchpoint strategy
  • Brand experience strategy
  • Persona definitions
  • Workshops
  • User scenario
  • Product strategy

  3. Concept, planning and realization:
   Defining the IA, UXD and UE for your product and services.

  • User experience design UXD (UXP)
  • User interface design UID
  • Information architecture
  • Taxonomy development
  • Information visualization
  • Navigation design
  • Content analysis
  • Interaction design
  • Function sketches
  • Wireframes
  • Storyboards
  • Mobile interfaces
  • Multi-touch interfaces
  • Gestural interfaces

  4. Implementation:
   Coaching and supporting of visual designer, copywriter and technical developer

  • Prototype development
  • Product rollout planning
  • Design template production
  • Container and element spreadsheets and summaries

  5. Coaching and training:
   Improving your know-how and skills

  • Training workshops
  • Process development
  • Organizational strategy
  • Mentorship

Involve your users by creating a pleasant experience for your product or service.